Summer Internship 2015

In the beginning of may, we as a team decided not to go for a conventional internship during our summer internship period in June-July. Instead we opted for contributing to the society by solving a socially relevant problem statement. We had heard about the summer school being organised by Sristi, but had no idea how we can convert this programme into an internship. So, our journey began by a series of conversation with Shivam Chawla (a final year student of Mechanical Engg.) which ultimately led us to a conversation with Hiranmay Mahanta, the MD, Techpedia. He guided and showed us how we can devote our summer internship time, by working on this problem statement (Education Application for mobile Platform ).

After, his briefing about the whole project, we finally did a few brainstorming sessions about this problem statement at our Innovation Space at NIT Hamirpur and finally, we knew how would this app be designed and built. But, this was not enough. We still had no idea whether this application was a necessity for the current education scenario. So in order to know more about product viability and its design, we as a team attended the online video sessions by Prof. Anil K Gupta, Prof Kate Bissett Johnson, Swinburne, and most importantly the Orientation on Field work by Prof Rashmi Korjan. You can find more about these sessions here.

Field Visit and Requirement Elicitation :

Once we were confident and prepared enough about the filed visit, we planned it to Gurukul School in Hamirpur and Govt. Degree College Hamirpur. These two visits gave us a whole new perspective to the app we were making. And the requirements were noted down and more brainstorming sessions were done. Find out more here.

Development Phase :

Finally we were ready for the development phase.It started on 15th June We divided the team into three parts :

  1. Front End :
    This team was required to be creative because entire user interface was their effort and responsibility. Divyanshu Maithani, Himanshu Singh and Devesh Rohan were assigned the work, which they executed with extreme brilliance.

  2. Back End :
    This team had to be the back bone of the application as the entire server side configuration was on their hands. Akshendra Pratap Singh, Sahil Badyal were responsible for the same.

  3. Knowledge and Data Collection :
    This was probably the most important team as they had to find the data and learn about both front and back end and had to do extensive research . We could have none better than Sagar Karira and Shashi Dhiman.

Also besides these teams we had Sagar Karira and Sahil Badyal working on documentation and blog posting.

This phase was the longest and completed on 17th July. We were in constant touch with Adhish Patel and Hiranmay Mahanta during entire development and had their constant support.

Beta Phase and Deployment :

The app has currently entered its beta phase and is undergoing rigorous testing. Hopefully we will solve maximum bugs possible in this phase.

This internship has been an eye opener and great experience, as we now have a project which could very well be our startup. I want to thank everyone who has supported and assisted us in our endeavour, especially our parents and God for being kind and merciful.

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